Can we vote.

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Wed Mar 1 08:54:50 PST 1995

> I have decided to stay due to some very sweet messages sent to me.

I am truly glad to hear that. Thank you for staying.

> I would 
> like to propose a solution.  Even Litch himself has said that the users of 
> the list define the rules, right?  Well, then can we vote on wether to allow 
> flaming or not?

This would be acceptable, except for several problems. How does one
define a flame? How does one keep people from doing them? Does private
email constitute the list? How?

A charter does need to be worked out, and as soon as I have the time, I
will make a brief one and post it to the list to be fully hammered out.
You have to realize that this is a long painstaking process that truly
does require a lot of time, mine and everyone elses. I am more than
willing to do it, and enjoy doing it. (Guess that's my analretentiveness
coming out.) What happens is it takes me atleast 2 hours to compose a
well thought out message, and when creating the charter for
alone, it was a 2 week process. That charter covered nothing of what was
acceptable within the SCA guidelines, just that it was for the SCA. One
thing I will insist on though is that the removal of any Society member
from the list, will have to come from the Crown in the form of
bannishment. This is the only way I am able to be truly impartial
without being accused of showing favoritism.


Phelim Uhtred Gervase

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