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Bran said about boxes and furniture:

	 The best source that I have found for the material that you are
	 looking for, is an unofficial publication:

			     Sacred Spaces
			     c/o Matthew Power
			     202 S. Library St.
			     Greenville NC  27858

	 This publication (back issues are available) is devoted to the
	 construction of period furnishings and structures.  You may not be
	 interested in constructing a full sized period great hall (they do
	 have the plans), but there are details on the construction of
	 collapsible furniture and other artifacts (I seem to recall trunks,
	 but even if there has been nothing published that you require, Mr.
	 Power is a wealth of information).  The last time I renewed, it
	 cost $10/yr.

Yes, it is a good newsletter. I am a subscriber and have all the
issues. What I was hoping someone could point me toward was
something like "Medieval Furniture: 1000-1500" with lots of
color pictures of existing pieces. Sacred Spaces is mostly line
drawings because of its publishing limitations.

Stefan li Rous
markh at

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