Litch Debate

Mordraut Freyulf mordraut at
Thu Mar 2 11:47:17 PST 1995

        Just got back from a business trip, and found my mail box full of
*Litch* stuff.  So now I will comment.  IMHO everyone has made Litch a very
happy man, he is important now, he wasn't before.  He enjoys the flames
because it means that people are thinking about him.  He looks for things to
flame about, and doesn't care who is on the other end.  I doubt that he
cares about what people in the SCA think about him, he doesn't care about
the SCA.  Yes, he has created a WWW page, but he also posted the following
to, in response to "What is the SCA":

a bunch of prentious whiners with no life who like to nit-pick


        IMHO, it is probably best just to ignore him, either by manually
deleteing all his posts, or by using a *kill file*.  He can be ingored just
as easily on the 'net, as he can at events.  He is not worth getting angry over.

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