North Texas Irish Festival

Fri Mar 3 07:33:37 PST 1995

	 I shall be going to Lyonesse, weather not withstanding (noblesse
	 oblige - it's no joke).

	 However!  If I were not, and if I lived anywhere near Dallas, I
	 would be at the North Texas Irish Festival.

	 To anyone who does go, may I recommend that you attend one of the
	 performances of "Ceili's Muse."  The Muses (Mary, Maggie, Melanie,
	 and Chuck), are spread between Houston, and Austin, and play "our"
	 kind of Celtic Folk.  They are heavily SCA influenced, and have
	 made a true splash with a devoted following here in Houston (their
	 shows always sell out).  I've only once been able to get them to
	 play at an event (it was actually arranged as a surprise for me),
	 but they will still show up on occasion in their own personae.

	 Another Houston (with SCA ties) band that will be performing at
	 the North Texas Irish Festival, is the "Flying Fish Sailors." I
	 really hate it when they and the 'Muses both play on the same
	 night.  These guys play folk music with an emphasis on the
	 nautical, I've been glad to have them play for my court on more
	 than one occasion.

	 Both groups also have CDs that are well worth the price.

	 If I could, I would be there. . . .

	 [langj at]

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