Weather update

Fox Purtill pug at
Thu Mar 2 22:22:10 PST 1995

>>The National Weather Service now (Thursday morning) reports a 50% chance of
>>rain TODAY & Tonight, 30% Friday (dimishing as day goes on) and only a slight
>>chance on Saturday.  Highs for Saturday & Sunday in the 70s, Lows in the 50s. 
>>Sounds cool but not wretchedly so, and perhaps damp when we set up 
>>Friday.  I have camped in much worse weather than this, and Saturday will 
>>probably turn out to be a pretty day.
>Catriona feels that perhaps the ground will be a bit too wet.  We haven't 
>got decent field-ready garb at this time and the garb we do have doesn't do 
>well in this sort of situation.  We MAY pass on going.
I was watching the Weather Channel this morning, and they were forecasting 
scattered thunderstorms both Saturday AND Sunday. I will be turning them on 
again before I go to bed tonight, but unless they have made a drastic change 
since 10:30 am, I am most disinclined to deal with muck and mud.

Catriona Rowley Kerr

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