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Fri Mar 3 10:45:48 PST 1995

	 Since I have several request now for information about the albums
	 of "Ceili's Muse" (and the "Flying Fish Sailors"), I shall
	 generally post a list of their recordings.

	 The 'Muses first album was "One Voice."  It was not available on
	 CD, and is no longer available.  It does have "Carrelia's Song"
	 (which I've most certainly misspelled), by Iolo Fitz Owen on the

	 Their second album is "Circles of Stone."  This album was released
	 last Spring, and is the product of an outstanding quantity of hard
	 work (it shows).  This album is available on CD, and is really
	 outstanding.  The quality of the engineering and the
	 professionalism of the Muses, their studio, and their guest artist
	 (including some of the 'Fish), can't be bettered anywhere, by
	 anyone. Period.

	 The 'Muses third album, is "Muse Secret 73" (I think that's the
	 number).  It is also available on cassette and CD, and is a "live
	 album."  The sound quality does suffer a bit (since the
	 performances were recorded at the Mucky Duck, Ovations, and other
	 venues around Houston, at performances with "pub audiences)," but
	 is still shows what you can do with hard work, a good sound
	 engineer, and a little creative mixing.

	 "Circles of Stone" is one of the "crown Jewels" of my celtic music
	 collection.  "Muse Secret 73," is one of my favorite albums (gods
	 forbid I should have to choose between one of them and Loreena

	 Sindra is the "Flying Fish Sailors" expert, I'll get her to write
	 about them.

	 [langj at mail.syntron.com]

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