Addresses for Ceili's Muse & the Flying Fish Sailors

Fri Mar 3 14:52:36 PST 1995

	 To Contact Ceili's Muse,  write to:

	      Ceili's Muse
	      PO Box 70144
	      Houston TX 77270-0144

	 They'll do T-Shirts, cassettes, and CDs by mail.

	 I don't have a US Mail address for the 'Fish on me, but I do have
	 an e-mail address. . . .

	 Contact Jay Lee [fish at]

	 I've never tried it, but you might be able to reach the 'Muses
	 through Chuck Ivy [cei at]

	 The 'Muses will be in Austin March 30 - April 1 at the "Cavalier
	 Dayes Festival" in Zilcher Park.

	 [langj at]

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