Cavalier Days, Canturbury Fair

James Crouchet crouchet at
Mon Mar 6 08:09:51 PST 1995

I know that Bryn Gwlad has a demo for Canturbury Fair in Barton Creek 
Square Mall on Saturday, April 1 (times have yet to be finalized, but 
probably around lunch time for 1 or 2 hours) but one of our local 
members, John Hidalgo (sp) is also putting on a fare called _Cavalier 
Days_ here in Austin that weekend.

John has generously offered to allow any SCA members who show up IN 
COSTUME and WITH PROOF OF MEMBERSHIP in to his fair free (I think normal 
admission is about $7.00).

Ulrika the Frank has proposed that when we finish the demo we should stay
in costume and head for Cavalier Days.  I think this is a very good idea 
that allows us to do our demo and still enjoy the fair. And, of course, 
we can come back on Sunday. 

Cavalier Days will be in Waterloo Park both Saturday and Sunday, April 1 
& 2, 1995.

I will post more information on the Barton Creek Square Mall/Canturbury 
Fair demo this evening as the exact when and where have yet to be worked 

I would also like to encourage Bryn Gwlad ers and our friends to come 
help out with Canturbury Fair the following weekend, April 8 & 9, also in 
Waterloo Park.  This is our big service project of the year.  Half of the 
money we make goes to support the Wild Basin natural area project and the 
other half goes to our barony to provide operating funds.

In order to get into Canturbury Fair free you MUST contact Ulrika the
Frank and SIGN UP to work.  There are not a bunch of silly restrictions
like at TRF, but if you plan to get in free you should plan to spend your
time working. Ulrika will only be making enough get-in-free patches for 
those who sign up ahead, so don't just show up at the gate and expect to 
get in. Ulrika's number is (512) 835-6570.

So what work will we be doing at Canturbury Fair? We will need folks to
cover the Arts & Sciences Pavilion (we need arts & sciences to display
too!) and explain the A&S and the SCA to mundanes, we need FIGHTERS,
HERALDS and MARSHALS (both Armored and Rapier) for fighting demos. We need
folks to help run out Fight-a-Knight booth (Kids wack an armored fighter
with a boffer sword until the fighter falls. The kid always wins.) and our
crossbow shoot.  You can contact me about the crossbow booth, but DON'T

If you still don't know what to do, sign up anyway.  When you show up we 
WILL need you.

Hope to see you all there!


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