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Sun Mar 5 20:51:58 PST 1995

I asked Pug about the ettiquette of posting ads for SCA-relevant stuff 
to the list.  He said it would be OK.  Here goes:


books by Viscount Galen of Bristol:

_Sonnets from the Ansteorran_
A collection of fifty Elizabethan-style sonnets including love poetry, 
praise poems, and the twelve-sonnet "Henry & Alinor".  Many never before 

_The Knightly Knotebook_
Sir Knightly's columns, the best and worst, collected in one thin volume. 
As seen in "It Cometh in the Mail".

_Screwtape's SCA Letters_
Banned from Ansteorran newsletters!  This parody of C.S. Lewis' classic
masterpiece, _The Screwtape Letters_, revisits the demonic correspondance
of Screwtape and Wormwood in an SCA context.  Just what _would_ the devil 
think of the SCA?

To receive these via U.S. Mail, send $1.50 check or money order (don't 
mail cash) per title, per copy, to the address below.  Include your 
address so I can mail it back to you.  Or, if you prefer, include a note 
and receive it as a text file via e-mail instead, just that much faster 
(e-mail option not availble for sonnets).

Thought-provoking satire and inspiring poetry.  For a buck and a half, 
how far wrong can you go?

Paul T. Mitchell	  [ "In many ways, respect is our currency.
ptm2792 at	  ] It can be earned, exchanged, accumulated 
412 S. Cooper St., #27	  [ and squandered. It can be too expensive or 
Arlington, TX  76013	  ] too cheap. It can be inherited, stolen 
817/795-7679		  [ and counterfeited..."
Viscount Galen of Bristol ] - Sir Lars Viljalmsson, from the KWH

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