Ok. Let me explain.

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Thu Mar 9 11:32:01 PST 1995

        Reply to:   RE>Ok. Let me explain.

I for one, appreciate the reposting of event announcements here. They
are a ready source of information, they can be more up to date than
what is in the BlackStar and they are easily forwarded to those who
are new to the Society and don't get the BlackStar or who haven't
ever seen a BlackStar.

Additional clarifying details on how to get to a site are useful. For
instance, the map to Lyonesse this last weekend had the side road
coming out of New Braunsfels from I-35.  It doesn't. It is north of
town. Had we known this, it would have saved us an extra drive
through town and back. 

There is only so much space in the BlackStar.
This media can be used to give better info. Anyone else get lost
getting to the Ansteorran 15th year celebration near Steppes last

Stefan li Rous
Barony of Bryn Gwlad
markh at risc.sps.mot.com
Date: 3/9/95 10:36 AM
To: Mark Harris
From: ansteorra at eden.com
I felt that the information I was asking for was private.  I assumed that 
most of you already had Black Stars and would not need the information I was 
looking for.  I need to know how to get to the site and how much site and 
feast are and other trivial matters.  I REALLY DID NOT MEAN TO HURT 
ANYONE!!!!  I just trying to be considerate.  Sorry.    


Mundanely: Staci L. Pelham     SCA:  Isabella de Foscari

*Reality cannot kill the dream, but it can kill the dreamer*

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