Ok. Let me explain.

Fox Purtill blackfox at eden.com
Thu Mar 9 13:15:02 PST 1995

>I felt that the information I was asking for was private.  I assumed that 
>most of you already had Black Stars and would not need the information I was 
>looking for.  I need to know how to get to the site and how much site and 
>feast are and other trivial matters.  I REALLY DID NOT MEAN TO HURT 
>ANYONE!!!!  I just trying to be considerate.  Sorry.    
>                                                Isa

Not I, no Black Star has arrived with the new memberships yet.. may not even 
get one next month.  Only sources we have are this mail list and "It 
cometh.." (which helps a great deal).

Suggestion:  If it's of overall use to the general populace then this is the 
place for it.  If only you could benefit from it (or are affected by it) 
then it's usually private.

I was not hurt, mildly annoyed, yes, but not hurt.  From an outside point of 
view it looked like a mild attack/dig on some of those here (even though 
that wasn't your intent).  People will take things as most directly fit 
their current state of mind (hence my being annoyed).

This entire post could be thought of as a private message, however the 
suggestion was for everyone, not just you (including me).

Crispin L. Starblade (aka - Fox Anton Purtill)
blackfox at eden.com

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