Charter Rough Draft #1

R. Michael Litchfield litch at
Fri Mar 10 11:46:48 PST 1995

> o This mailing list is for discussion of the SCA as pertains to the
>   Kingdom of Ansteorra.  This includes the states of Texas and
>   Oklahoma.  If your message does not pertain to the SCA, then it is
>   inappropriate for this list.  Discussion of other Kingdoms in the SCA
>   should not be discussed here, except their impact on the Kingdom of
>   Ansteorra or with respect to events as discussed below.  For more
>   complete introductions to the SCA, see the recurring postings "Come
>   on in -- the water's fine" (by Hal Ravn [whheydt at]) and
>   "Life in the Current Middle Ages." (by Arval Benicour
>   [mittle at]) in the Usenet newsgroup

Isn't there also an FTP fite these can be snagged from?

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