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Fri Mar 10 12:47:41 PST 1995

<From: Michael Litchfield>
>....Should we assume that everyone reading the document with have full net
>access (ftp, www, gopher, etc.) and the skills to use them. *Pause for series
>of sniggering and suppressed laughter* Or should we expect them to have no more
>net access than that bare minimum given to the unfortunates stuck on AoL? If
>all they can get is simple Email than we probably should include as much
>information as possible in the mailer (unless we expect them to be swift enough
>to make majordomo send out idividual files). 

Personally, I would *prefer* it, for myself, if for no one else, that the
assumption be made that *everyone* able to read the document electronically
has email, and NO further assumptions be made.

But that's just me.

>But one thing, shouldn't we include mundane names of places?

Oh, if you *insist*

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