Charter Rough Draft #1

James Crouchet crouchet at
Mon Mar 13 13:52:05 PST 1995

On Mon, 13 Mar 1995, Fox Purtill wrote:

> >As an example, your guidelines prohibit discussion of HFS & Amptguard. 
> >But what if they wish to invite us to hold a joint event?  What if we are
> >working together on something? This is what is happening with Canturbury
> >Fair. They might even just want to invite us to a special event, like 
> >coronation.
> >
> >And as for discussion of other kingdoms, what if I am looking for a ride 
> >to Grand Outlandish, or I want to encourage folks to go to the Estrella 
> >Wars?
> >
> >Savain
> I have to agree in part with this, however.  Assume SCA is on a joint 
> venture with HFS/Amtgard or any other group.  This does still agree with the 
> original concept as we are still discussing SCA business and events.  
> However if I were to start discussing the Mid-reign we just went went to 
> (Amtgard) or the upcomming Amtgard Coronation which is not related to SCA 
> business that would not be relevant to this list.
>    / Crispin Lechtscaerpne Starblade / aka-Fox Anton Purtill    /

I see your point, and while this is the REASONABLE view of what the 
charter says, re-read this part carefully:

> o This mailing list is inappropriate to discuss aspects of other groups
>   such as High Fantasy Society (HFS), International Fantasy Gaming
>   Society (IFGS), Brigadoon and other groups that are fantasy or
>   historically related that are not the SCA. Please note, this does not
>   restrict them or anyone else from partaking in discussions, just that
>   the material is to be confined to SCA related items.

This section unconditionally prohibits the discussion of HFS, IFGS and 
other Fantasy groups.  I know this is not what was meant, but it is what 
it says.

What's more, *I* feel an invitation to SCAers to attend some special 
Amptguard event *IS* approprate.  YM will probably V.

Anyway, all this brings us back to my original point, which was that the 
charter should note that these are only guidelines and the real test of 
approprateness is whether it is reasonable to assume an item will be of 
general interest to the members of this list.


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