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Patricia Horton horton at
Mon Mar 13 15:31:50 PST 1995

Stefan writes:

>Is this handbook really the kingdom law? If so, is what was sent out the
most recent version of the laws. . I would expect this handbook, due to
publishing constraints and such to be somewhat behind some sort of
master copy.

The answer is yes. The Marshalls Handbook was signed into law at by Inman,
Athena, and Fredrick just before their last court at Richard and Ann's
Coronation. The Marshall's handbook is part of Kingdom law which consists
of "The Laws of the Kingdom of Ansteorra", "The Marshall's Handbook", "The
Constable's Handbook" and "The Treasurers Handbook", all signed at the same
time. We are currently working to unravel what should be law from the
Constable's and Treasurer's handbook and add sections to "The Laws of the 
Kingdom of Ansteorra". There will be a 1995 edition of the "Kingdom of
Ansteorra Marshall's Handbook" signed by Mikael, Mikaella, myself and Barn
at Gulf Wars. The only major change is fixing the Rapier rules (no Heavy
Rapier is not yet included) which were badly out of date in the 1994 issue.
The Archery section should be the same.

The Kingdom Stock Clerk will be stocking copies of the 1995 edition of the
handbook soon. These will be done on 3-hole punch, so any updates can be
easily accesible through the stock clerk as they are published in the
Blackstar. It is because of the lag between what the Earl Marshall has and
what the populace has that the new format for updates to handbooks will be
made available ASAP through the Stock Clerk. Updates will be posted in the
Blackstar. This should keep people up to date quicker.

>Perhaps Ansteorra is just ahead of SCA Inc. From conversations
on the Rialto and with Bertrum, the SCA does not have an up to date copy of
the SCA bylaws on computer and may not have one on paper either.

Actually, we are doing a bit better if I may say so. The creation of the
Kingdom Stock Clerk and the agreement of the GOofS (Great Officers of State)
to keep it up to date was long overdue. The new 3-hole punch format will
make getting updates and merging them in much simpler for the populace. We have
even talked about putting updates to law as pull outs in the Blackstar
to make it even easier.

I can say I have reviewed the new version of the
"Organizational Handbook" which includes Corpora, By-laws and Governing
and Policy Decisions. I even have a diskette with the version that will most
likely be published in the next couple months from Corporate. They are also 
going to a 3-hole punch format to make updates easier. Again, very long overdue.
The new version of the OH was a topic of discussion at the Known World 
Seneschal's meeting held at Estrella.


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