Charter Rough Draft #1

Fox Purtill blackfox at
Mon Mar 13 14:42:12 PST 1995

>> I do agree that to leave out other kingdoms would be pointless.
>I don't see it as leaving out other kingdoms as it is a requirement that
>some ansteorran content (however nebulous) be included in the discussion.
>>    / Crispin Lechtscaerpne Starblade / aka-Fox Anton Purtill    /

Then perhaps a wording more akin to:

This list will pertain to information and items of interest that are toward 
the kingdom of Ansteorra or its populace.  Any other kingdom populace (be it 
SCA or other) are welcome but the subjects within this list will be 
associated to ansteorra or it's populace.  If your message subject is 
directed at the subscribing SCA Ansteorra members then it is welcome, if you 
are unsure send a private e-mail to the host asking for permission.

 That would solve a number of problems.

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