Charter Rough Draft #1

Deborah Sweet dssweet at
Mon Mar 13 13:56:53 PST 1995

Various comments on the Charter follow:

#1 - Why the redundancy with the "Welcome" statement and the first part 
of the intro? I would either say it once, or find another way to say it 
the second time around.

>inappropriate to discuss aspects of other groups such as High Fantasy 
>Society (HFS), International Fantasy Gaming Society (IFGS), Brigadoon 
>and other groups that are fantasy or historically related that are not 
>the SCA.....the material is to be confined to SCA related items.

If these groups are doing something (demo, class, sca attending 
CONvention) in conjunction *with* the SCA, then I would think it 
appropriate to discuss that "thing" on this list. And I would think a 
small (ie, one-two line) request for anyone with more info on 
such-n-such non-sca group or thing (like a Con), requesting replies to 
be sent via private e-mail, would not be out of order.

>discussion of the SCA as pertains to the Kingdom of Ansteorra.  This 
>includes the states of Texas and Oklahoma. Discussion of other 
>Kingdoms in the SCA should not be discussed here, except their impact 
>on the Kingdom of Ansteorra or with respect to events as discussed 

I agree with someone else's idea that having interkingdom anthropology 
discussions would be a good thing.

Someone stated in another response that the discussion had to connect 
to Ansteorra in some fashion, even if very slim. I don't think that's 
totally possible. If that's true, then my posting earlier today on the 
availability of the sca-dance mailing list would not be allowed (since 
it's not directly related to Ansteorra.) And no one else could announce 
any other mailing list or newsgroup or Web page that has really good 
stuff available for SCA members or people interested in history/middle 
ages (since they would not be related specifically to Ansteorra in all 
likelihood). The above statement should not be so restrictive.

>announcement/discussion of Kingdom, Baronial, Shire and College 
>guilds.  This includes the discussion of the crafts that the guilds 
>have been formed for, as well as any crafts that do not currently have 
>a guild associated with them. The discussion should be kept to these 
>crafts as they pertain to the SCA in general.  (ie. The discussion 
>about mundane sewing is inappropriate.)

I'm a little confused by your example. What exactly do you mean by 
"mundane sewing"? Do you mean: How to use/solving a sewing machine 
problem? Appropriate *to*a*point*. [After all, we're mostly friendly 
people who in all likelihood turn to our friends for answers first, and 
only then try other routes.] Or is it a reference to making non-sca 
clothing/items on a sewing machine? Definitely not OK. Or a reference 
to possibly period McCalls/Butterick/Simplicity patterns? Or how to 
change the pattern so it works better? These are definitely OK.

And the guilds. Is this discussion on *any* guild that exists in the 
sca or only ones in Ansteorra? (Ties in with early statements on 
interkingdom anthropology)

>[ More needed to fill in here after consulting Hospitalers ]

Someone suggested listing all the groups Hospitalers. Seems a little 
over kill. I would suggest listing the Kingdom Hospitaler & the Five 
Regional Hospitalers, with some kind of definition of the regions 
included, so that new people could try and figure out what region they 
are in.

>---   Pointer to other useful material   ---

Include at least one Web page number as well (for those of us that Web 
but don't ftp).

Hope this helps.

Estrill Swet
dssweet at

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