Thistle Missles Part 2

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Tue Mar 14 08:52:41 PST 1995

On the subject of Thistle Missiles, from the November Blackstar, Archery
Marshal Report:

"The new thistle missiles were used at Gothic War III, and were a rousing

>From the 1994 Kingdom of Ansteorra Fighter's Handbook V.A.3. (Combat Points):

a.  Shall have a minimum diameter of 1&1/4".
b.  Shall have a minimum of 1" of closed cell foam or the equivalent on it's
striking     surface.
c.  Shall have a stop placed between the padding and the shaft material that
will not     allow the shaft material to punch through the padding.

The Thistle Missiles are being used in the West, Ansteorra, and Meridies and
probably others, bit I know those three places for a fact.  I believe that
Meridies is no longer using the Markland style points, I am not sure, but
someone told me that at last Gulf War.

If they are not legal in this kingdom, then someone needs to say so
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