Charter Rough Draft #1

Pug pug at
Tue Mar 14 08:10:25 PST 1995

> A heretical thought: why do we even need a charter? 

Two reasons:

1) To allow me to practice my analretentativeness.

2) To atleast have some grounds for repremanding problem users.

> There is a tendency at the upper reaches of
> our society to think of the rest of us as children who will go astray
> if every possible contingency isn't mapped out in excruciating detail and
> "the right way" isn't solemnly marked with an official imprimatur.

My gods! I'm in the "upper reaches" of the Society? Why wasn't I
informed? Did I get a title to go with it? I wanna be the "Grand Vizier
of Information".

> I long for the days when the only significant rules were (i) have fun
> and (ii) don't do anything egregiously stupid.

I'd love to be able to have those rules again.

> The people on this list are adults who can judge the reasonableness and
> appropriateness of their postings.

1) we don't know that
2) how do we know people won't join who just want to talk about non-sca stuff?

> If there is an occasional horse's ass
> who can't see reason and doesn't understand what's appropriate, then life's
> like that.  Why legislate against the random ass, particularly if it means
> legislating for the sensible overwhelming majority?

Because if we did that in real life, we wouldn't be able to do anything
against arsons, as an extreme example of a horse's ass. This forum has
to atleast have some boundries or there wouldn't be a need for a list.


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