Ansteorran Archery

James Crouchet crouchet at
Tue Mar 14 08:22:08 PST 1995

On Mon, 13 Mar 1995, Patricia Horton wrote:

> The Kingdom Stock Clerk will be stocking copies of the 1995 edition of the
> handbook soon. These will be done on 3-hole punch, so any updates can be
> easily accesible through the stock clerk as they are published in the
> Blackstar. It is because of the lag between what the Earl Marshall has and
> what the populace has that the new format for updates to handbooks will be
> made available ASAP through the Stock Clerk. Updates will be posted in the
> Blackstar. This should keep people up to date quicker.
> Maire

Yea! Finally! Our unmanagable Black Star drives me nuts. And as the the 
bizzar size of the OP ... well, don't get me started.

We should come to grips with the facts that we are NOT trying to keep 
these books from being copied, and that some of us must use them as 
reference material. Give me a good 3-hole notebook any day.


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