Gulf Wars Combat Archery??

Mordraut Freyulf mordraut at
Tue Mar 14 09:04:58 PST 1995

> Can anyone tell me if there is going to be combat archery
>at the Gulf War? The announcement does say yes or no, although
>it does mention "Archery Competition".

I know of a lot of combat archers going to the event, so one can only hope.

>I seem to remember there being combat archery at Gulf Wars I.

There has been combat archery at all three Gulf Wars, and the Trimarian's
have been getting better at it, last year they actually had a good number of
archers.  The first two years they had archery in all the battles, last year
the did not allow archers in the bridge battle, instad they had a combat
archer only castle battle.  Since all three kingdoms use combat archery, and
it is one of the things that makes Gulf War different, I would assume that
they will have it again this year.

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