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Sun Mar 19 14:40:40 PST 1995

I mean for the Thursday dance practice to be in addition to the Monday one.  
This is for those who can't make Monday activities.  Also, I posted to the 
Ansteorra list rather than the Bryn Gwlad list because UT's system was 
acting strange and wouldn't accept the Bryn Gwlad address.  My apologies to 
those who are not from Bryn Gwlad.


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>On Sat, 18 Mar 1995, Mary Temple wrote:
>> >Would anyone in Bryn Gwlad be intrested in a dance practice on the
>third > >Thursday of the month?  This would allow for those people who
>can't make the > >Monday practice to enjoy dance. > > > > Love, > > Isa >
>> Do you mean in addition to the first Monday or instead of? I for one
>could > deal with two dance classes a month...:) > > Catriona Rowley Kerr
>> > 
>I agree, but my reasons are probably different. If there are two, maybe I
>can make it to one or the other more regularly than I now make it to the
>one we have.  If I can make it to both that would be fun, but I don't
>expect I could. 

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