Gulf War Stories

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Sun Mar 19 21:00:50 PST 1995

> Since I could not attend the war this year I would love to hear any and all
> tales from those that attended.  I especially would love to hear how our
> fighters did and also how Ansteorra fared in Arts and Sciences!
> thanks,
> meadhbh

Well, the war went ok.  The fighting was good.  There were two heavy war points on Friday - a 
Champion Challenge battle, which we won, a bridge battle which we lost because the Shadow Legion
(allies) deserted half way through (they were reserve, and somehow managed 'to find a ford' and
cross over to act as reinforcements.   On Saturday we won the first two field battles handily, 
and had a third field battle of Ansteorra and Trimaris against the world - which we won.  The 
castle battles were a tie with the defenders of the castle winning one each.

The archery point went to Trimaris, as did the A&S point - by 3 points out of 100.  We lost the 
war by (I believe) one point.

I just got home, so I'll go now ....
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