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> Since I could not attend the war this year I would love to hear any and all
> tales from those that attended.  I especially would love to hear how our
> fighters did and also how Ansteorra fared in Arts and Sciences!
> thanks,
> meadhbh

Well, having gotten back in from the Gulf Wars yesterday, and having 
participated in the A&S, it is my understanding that while we lost the 
A&S war point, it was by an infinitesimal amount, such as 1 point 
difference, that's all.

Lots of beautiful things on display.

The battles were great fun to watch.  I spent most of the time during the 
battles trying to locate the Elfsea unit, since that is where my lord 
was.  The bridge battle was long and grueling, even for the onlookers.  
The Trimaran side had these huge shields that formed a formidable 
barrier.  I think I took some great pictures of the onslaught once it did 
happen.  The field battles were both won by Ansteorra, decisively.  
CAVEAT--I am not sure of the outcome, but I am telling you what one of 
our knights told me.  The fortification battles were made more 
interesting by the use of a catapult, a trebuchet, a ballista, and a 
siege tower.  The catapult threw tennis balls, and also used were 
duct-taped "rocks." I didn't get close enough to them to see what they 
were actually made of, but some of the other fighter-types probably 
could.  The archers from both sides were wondrous to watch, and one 
of them saved my lord from certain death.  I believe that we won one of 
the fortification battles, and Trimaris won the other.

This was my second Gulf War to experience, and both times I have found 
myself caught up in it, to the point that when I could not find those men 
and women from Elfsea, I waited, with a sick feeling in my stomach, for 
them to come off the field.  

The weather cleared up Friday morning, and it turned out to be a pleasant 
weekend weather-wise.

This is but a short jumble of a larger jumble of memories running through 
my brain right now.  I hope it makes some sense!

What a grand weekend.

Emher ni Maille

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