Tue Mar 21 18:36:01 PST 1995

Getting caught up after my absence from Spring Break...

Gwenllian said:
"It might be simpler to just list the Kingdom Hospitaller, Lord Michael 
de la Mare, rather than trying to obtain (and update) information on the forty
or so individual groups."

To which Litch responded:
"This is the net, updating information is fairly quick easy and painless
(and obtaining ain't much harder).

"The kingdom hospitaller, if you can ever get ahold of them, tend to be
in large part pretty useless for most people. They rarely know anything useful
other than the name of the person who was supposed to be hospitaller 3-4 months
ago. It is almost always a Long Distance Call to get ahold of them and in
general a hassle."

And to which I say:
Litch, isn't this a bit of a contradiction?  If the Kingdom Hospitaller 
has out of date information, then who's updating the info to the Net?

I sometimes think I should look forward to the day when you hold office
in the SCA, because I know we'd see a superior standard of service then.

- Viscount Galen of Bristol
  "noblesse oblige"

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