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Susan Johns sjohns at
Wed Mar 22 09:05:14 PST 1995

I've been meaning to make a new case for my psaltery since last June, but I 
don't know much about woodworking.  A friend and my uncle have lately 
offered to help me with it.  They both know a lot about woodwork, but don't 
know much for sure about *period* woodwork.  I'm new to the SCA and don't 
have my persona worked out yet, but I'm almost positive I'll be pretty late 
Renaissance and probably Itallian.  Can you give me any pointers in making 
this thing?  What types of wood, what type of finish (James suggested French 
polish?),  should I stain it, and if so, what with?  Any advice on anything 
that would be done differently than a mundane would normally do it would be 
GREATLY appreciated.  Thanks a lot!

here is a *very rough* sketch of of what I want the case to look like 
          |\      |
          | \     |
          |  \    |
 28"      |   \   |                         6" deep 
          |    \  |
          |     \ |
          |       |
These measures are all *very* approximate.  I need a tape measure.  It's one 
of those things you take for granted at home, but don't have with you at 
college - at least till you learn better.
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