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I am sending this to you first so that you may edit it and possibly post it on 
the SCA list.  If not I understand. 

Go ahead and post it. 

(I don't know if I would recommend warm clothing. *grin*)

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This is just a reminder that all titles are Amtgard related.  Please note the 
dates are for THIS WEEKEND:

Coronation X Of the Celestial Empire of Amtgard
Emperor Miawara Asahi & The Duchy of Tirana Welcomes you,
March 24,25,& 26,1995 to the Burnet County Fairgrounds. Camp ground opens for 
visitors Friday afternoon
	Brief Schedule of events:
	Battle Games, (meles if you will, we are not expecting more than 200)
	11:00 am Garbing Clinic in the tile room	
	All Day:page training for young children ; $1.00 per child  (will occur 
only if enough people volunteer for two hour shifts)
	2:00 pm War against the evil Ta'shi-iak,squire to Sir Michael Hammer of 
God, who continuously calls our beloved adorable fuzzy feline emperor a garbage 
rummaging, disease carrying, host to parasites, cheese eating, rodent, rat, and 
hairless smelly tailed scavenger 
	5:00 All Thing  to approve new corpora for seperate Incorporation from the 
parent Kingdom, The Burning Lands.
	7:00pm	food and feasting HOT meat pies (vegetarian if asked for in 
advance) with a cold Red fruit drink, and cinnimon bread for desert.
	Stepping down court of Emperor Miawara Asahi
	Stepping up court of Lord Arion Reinquist of Bifost (Kerrville)
	Clean up
	Camp site closes at 12;00, noon
	Please, bring your own trash bags and leave the site cleaner than 
	it was found.
Autocrat: Duchess Tinuviel (Kat Stamford 512-444-7409)   Feast-o-crats: Don 
Perimone, Ducal Regent Dreil (Jenny Griffith 512-445-5734).  If you call please 
identify yourself first and that you are calling in reference to that Amtgard  
event the students are into.
Fees are All  Inclusive:  $7.00 at the gate $5.00 in advance
Visiting Kingdom Royalty (King and Regent) will be admitted free.

	Campground Rules:
-No digging pits
-No glass in ground fires (the motorcylce club that rents here too does not like 
to lose their tires)
-No smoking inside the barn
-Please park on the provided gravel parking lot
-Fires need to be extinguished at the end of the event, ashes scattered, and
rocks thrown over the fence or on the rock pile if the owners get one going.
-Hot showers will be available, as well as a heated sleeping area
-We advise you to bring warm clothing, wet weather gear and a first aid kit 
	(this is in case it rains like the weather lady says it will).
-Site is wet.
-Autocrats reserve the right to remove anyone off the site they see necessary.
Please bring all the awards paperwork you have for the CK Imperial Awards 
reconciliation.  Help us build an accurate record of your awards.
Burnet, Texas: From The west take IH 10 to U.S. 377.  Go east to U.S. 29 
directly to Burnet.  From the north take IH 35 south to U.S. 29 (Georgetown, 
Texas) go west to Burnet. From the north off of U.S. 281, go south to  Burnet. 
 From the East take whatever is convenient to IH  35.  Go to Georgetown on IH 
35. Go west on U.S. 29 to Burnet.  From the South take either, IH 35 north to 
U. S. 29 or, U.S. 281 north to the Fair Grounds in Burnet, or IH 10 north to  
U.S. 377 east to Burnet.  Once in Burnet go south on 281 following the mundane 
sings to the Fair Grounds.

Map to Burnet, Texas:

	        ll    /l\					ll I
		llLampasses					ll H	
		ll						ll     North	
		ll						ll 3	/l\	
		ll						ll 5	 i	
		ll						ll	 i	
		ll Burnet	Bertram ##	US 29		ll 	 i	
       		-------------------------------------------------- 	 i	
   IH\	      / ll  ##				\		ll 	 i 
    10 \    /   ll				  \		ll 	 i	
	 \/US   ll U				    \	US 183	ll 	
	    377 ll S				      \		ll	
	     	ll					\	ll	
	     	ll 2					  \	ll	
		ll 8					    \	ll	
  Burnet County	ll 1					      \	ll	
  Fair Grounds	ll						ll	
		ll						ll	

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