R. Michael Litchfield litch at
Wed Mar 22 13:02:57 PST 1995

> "This is the net, updating information is fairly quick easy and painless
> (and obtaining ain't much harder).
> "The kingdom hospitaller, if you can ever get ahold of them, tend to be
> in large part pretty useless for most people. They rarely know anything useful
> other than the name of the person who was supposed to be hospitaller 3-4 months
> ago. It is almost always a Long Distance Call to get ahold of them and in
> general a hassle."
> And to which I say:
> Litch, isn't this a bit of a contradiction?  If the Kingdom Hospitaller 
> has out of date information, then who's updating the info to the Net?

The people on the net of course.

The paper/snail mail based  hierarchical beurcaracy is a pain to deal with
slower than whale slime. Depending upon them is an exercise in futility.
The more anarchic structures of the net allow you to have a much more
responsive set up. You don't HAVE to depend on the beuarcracy doing
things for you, you can do it yourself.

> I sometimes think I should look forward to the day when you hold office
> in the SCA, because I know we'd see a superior standard of service then.

Well when i have the time and money to do the job properly I will certainly
look forward to having your vocal support.

> - Viscount Galen of Bristol
>   "noblesse oblige"


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