ches at pentagon.io.com ches at pentagon.io.com
Wed Mar 22 01:28:28 PST 1995

Since you post more than Monica does, do you mind if I write to the two of you on 
your account?  E.I. when we are having a sale at the fabric store, like this 
weekend?  We are also getting a shipment of new stuff on Thursday night so Friday 
will be a good day to come to the store while we are tagging the sale items BEFORE 
the sale starts on Sunday.  I do not know if anyone on the SCA list would like 
this type of info, if so I'll post it there too.

Just took my blood syrum (sp) test for spinabifida and any other chromozonal 
problems.  She also wants to know if we are having twins....big possibility... 
sigh.  Also my due date may be off by 3 weeks so the babe may be due Sept. 25, 
isnt Monica's B-day around then?  Or maybe I am thinking of Therel.

Sir Ches
Austin, Tx.
Duchy of Tirana
Lady Chiara
Barony of Bryn Gwlad
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       Ches at pentagon

A baby or two for me, all but two says boys. Due date Sept.3rd.

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