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Thu Mar 23 12:05:01 PST 1995

> > If we have feast it would be when their
> >Majesties (or their kids) got hungry.
> As someone who has cooked several feasts, I would be careful about having a
> feast like this.  Cooks get trashed when the food is too cold, too dry,
> too done, too simple, too little  or too late (even if they are awaiting
> their majesties pleasure).

Cooks get trashed cause people are grumpy. As well, it's not how "I"
would do it. (Where I is the person complaining.) This is a common
problem, but usually the person is not willing to actually do the

> What if their majesties decided
> they were hungry at 4pm or at 9pm? Lots of dishes need to be served when
> ready and their flavor deteriorates over time.

My problem, as I've seen at a number of feasts, is what do you do if the
feast is ready, announced at a time, but it will not be served til the
Royalty is ready. (This means the entire populace who is eating feast is
already seated.) How long do you put it off? Do you wait hours for the
Crown to be there? Do you eat without the Crown? Both solutions seem to
be in poor taste to me. If the Crown, on the other hand, says it's okay
to start feast, then all is well. (The Crown here can be replaced with
whatever royalty is present, it was just handy since that is where the
original thread started.)


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