Litch & the Hospitaller's office

cmwalden at cmwalden at
Thu Mar 23 12:05:40 PST 1995

>>>> I sometimes think I should look forward to the day when you hold office
>>>> in the SCA, because I know we'd see a superior standard of service then.
>>> Well when i have the time and money to do the job properly I will 
>>> certainly look forward to having your vocal support.
>I personally would be willing to contribute to a fund to get Litch to and 
>entered into Crown Tournament.  I'm sure that wisdom such as his would grace 
>the throne nicely.  
>Would you like to see Litch in Crown?  I might actually attend that one.
>or cmwalden at

What a rude thing to do.  You obviously have no good graces or any 
intelligence whatso-ever.  I can't believe that someone as stupid as you has 
the access to a computer to stream this garbage into everyone's mailbox.  
Don't you think I have anything better to do than to stop and read this crap!

Do us all a favor.  Stop typing your stupid comments, which no one wants to 
read anyway and see if you can get someone to spend some quality time with 
you reading you the documentation for your software.  

Maybe next time you'll be more appropriate and send messages like that 

Yours etc.,
or cmwalden at

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