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R.Michael Litchfield litch at
Thu Mar 23 14:12:39 PST 1995

>> This problem is not always the fault of the Kingdom Hospitaller.  If the
>> Kingdom Chronicler fails to update the _Blackstar_, or if the group fails to
>> properly select a new officer, and/or then report the contact info for the
>> new officer, the Kingdom Chronicler can't get out the info to the rest of
>> us.
>This is true. This is why I'm going to go with the key Kingdom/Regional
>Hospitalers. This is a smaller number of people, is probably updated by
>the Hospitaler and the Chonicler less often, and should be pretty
>acurrate. If there is someone who wants to keep an "accurate" list, they
>are more than welcome to try.

Ok doke, since I mentioned it I will start, If you will contact whoever is
the local hospitaller for your group and make sure they are hospitaller and
send me mail I will create a list. Please take the 5 minute or so necessary
this. Especially nice would be thier email address if they have one (and
read mail regularly) or an E-mail address for someone who will make
help make a connection.

here's a start

Bryn Gwylad
(Austin Area)
Lady Ysabeau
Lisa Martorana

>I ain't got a clue here. Having an up to date list on the Web page or in
>the Charter could be a real pain. The reason being that not all groups
>will be on the net/list, not to mention, who is considered to be
>correct? The local group? The Kingdom Hospitaler? Any Joe Blow user who
>comes along and claims to have the information? Any Joe Blow user who
>claims to be the hospitaler?

I personally am in favor of taking whatever rumor people wanna give up
and accept it until such time as someone else points out something
different. Ideally whoever is making the list will take some steps
to check out the people. (which I may depnding on how much money I
gotta spend on this).

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