Vicki Self zarazena at io.com
Thu Mar 23 14:13:24 PST 1995

Unto all the readers here, from Lady Zahra Zena Theanos, I send greetings
and ask that you all abstain from chastising Michael Alan Greayme (sp? 
),MKA Litch any furthur. 
It was my post that started all this and I wish it to end here and now. 

As one of the founding members of this Kingdom and the Barony, as well as
having known almost everyone of you since you were rank newbies, I can
truthfully say that I have seen and heard most of you on a bad day at
least once. We are not a group of perfect people by any standards.

Litch apologized and so did I. 

I have noticed a severe problem growing within our ranks that involves the
evolution of "Lynch Mob" mentality.  We seem to have a need for a "  BAD
GUY", whether it be Litch, the BOD, Pagans, Cops, Peers, Nobility, or just
take your pick...And everyone has to add their two cents worth. I am not
saying that we don't have real problems, because we do.  What I am trying
to say, is that unless you have something constructive to say, or a
solution, don't just keep parroting someone elses ideas.  From what I have
read, Litch has some very valuable ideas, some that I have espoused for a
long time.  Unfortunately, we are all limited as to our time, money, and
energy when it comes to doing a job properly. 

Exercise a little courtesy and chivalry, even here when you can. 

That includes accepting an apology when you are given one. 

                    Always in Service to the Society,
                         Lady Zahra Zena

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