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Thu Mar 23 15:03:57 PST 1995

>>>or cmwalden at
>> Maybe next time you'll be more appropriate and send messages like that 
>> privately!
>> Antonio
>> or cmwalden at
>I'm confused! Did you just flame yourself? What happened here?
>(Sorry for cluttering the list, but this was so peculiar that I thought
>it should be cleared up.)

Yes I flamed myself!  I am trying desperately not to get myself too uptight 
with all of this.  Once I realized my mistake, I decided to relax and enjoy 
it.  So, I let myself have it.  If we're not too careful, it could get 
weirder.  Perhaps I've not seen my flame yet, and will be very upset when it 
arrives.  Maybe I will berate myself for being so rude and inappropriate to 
me.  Then I will both be terribly upset and start to seek ways of vengence.  
I am both active in the Rapier community--perhaps I could make things very 
difficult for me.

We'll have to see...

Yours, etc.
or cmwalden at

(and I will not clutter up your mailing list with a thread of this 
stuff...unless you *really* want me to.)

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