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Dottie Elliott macdj at
Thu Mar 23 15:31:31 PST 1995

I apoligize for this long post.

I am disturbed by the growing trend to 'need' or 'expect' awards for doing
a job or holding an office.  (I have seen and heard this many different
places) Awards are wonderful, nice, exciting but not something to expect.
Being an officer (running an event, erc) is hard work.  Doing it to get a
reward makes it twice as hard I would think.  I have held many offices
since I joined in '86.  I was an A&S officer so I could learn many
different crafts.  I was treasurer for a short time because it was really
needed.  I have been a Seneschal twice because I enjoy helping groups do
things. (That by the way is my idea of what a seneschal is -  a leader to
get things started, a helper to get others' ideas off the ground, a guide
to those who wish it and a balancer to keep everything focused on the group
not a few individuals.)  I have been a herald because I wanted to learn
about heraldry.  Never in any of these positions did I consider that I
might get an award out of it. I was an officer because I liked the job. I
have also autocrated (because the event was my idea) and cooked several
feasts (because I thought it would be fun to do all period foods for a
crowd).  Again, I did these things because I enjoy them.

It is sad to find someone who has not received an award that is deserved.
If you know someone like that, write the King and Queen, their highnesses,
your Baron and Baroness and seneschal. Get friends to do so also.   Perhaps
no one has ever thought to do so for that person. Others may not know the
person doesn't have the award or think someone else is taking care of it.
I have heard that their Majesties (in many kingdoms anyway) often only
receive 1 or 2 recommendation letters for a person (for lower level awards
anyway).  Receiving more letters for one person would probably astonish
them no end.  If you can't get one monarch to give the award for whatever
reason keep trying.  Remember, our kings and queens change often.

As for folks receiving awards undeservedly, I am appalled that folks spend
time discussing whether someone is worthy or not.  Do you have personal
knowledge that X specifically received an award for sex? (Whatever the
award may be called that is what it is for.) Or is it just rumor?  If you
do, consider X. Have they never done anything redeeming that might deserve
some reward?  Just because they don't wear great garb doesn't mean they
haven't done something wonderful in another way within the society.  It is
very discourteous to discuss this aspect of their award even were it true.

Yet, even I in my naiveness I do recognize that there are occasionally
people that are black-listed and don't get awards no matter what they have
done.  This is a sad discredit to the spirit of the Society that the folks
who are officers and Kings and Queens agree to uphold.  All one can do in
this case is to continually campaign to right the wrong.  Sadly where there
are humans, there are politics, personality conflicts and problems.

For all the years I have been in the society, I have not known anyone
personally to get an award I didn't think they deserved. It might have been
a little too early or late for my perferences but they did deserve it.
Remember, it is OUR job as participants in the Society to make it what we
want.  We do this by acting as we would have others act (that includes
nominating folks for awards and refusing to spread rumours).

Yours in service to the dream,
Baroness Clarissa

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