Awards and Coronets

Dottie Elliott macdj at
Thu Mar 23 20:39:15 PST 1995

Greetings unto the most Honorable Lady Gunhilda Amberstar,

Thank you so much for your listing of awards.   I was pleased to see that
Ansteorra has a special award to honor those serving a shire.  I lived in a
shire for five years while in NY and it is very different from the Barony
where I had previously lived.  The service is unique and at least in my
observation often more intense in a shire.  This is a fine Kingdom to
recognize it.  I am intriqued by the various awards that give a Grant of
Arms. In the two kingdoms where I have lived  (Atlantia and East), they did
not do much with grants.  What does receiving a Grant of Arms allow the
recipient to do?

Baroness Clarissa
Bryn Gwlad
Austin, TX
macdj at

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