Awards and Coronets

Deborah Sweet dssweet at
Fri Mar 24 13:23:41 PST 1995

Gunhilda writes:
>>They may have ego problems, and *I* would say that they may be 
>>missing an essential element of the dream, but let's face it, the
>>system is set up to encourage it.

>>And if you do, what do you have to do to get there? You've got to 
>>climb the ladder.

Phelim writes:
>The system is set up nicely in my opinion.

>The ladder is not what you have to cross. The ladder is just a 
>measuring stick of how fair you have achieved. That doesn't mean you 
>should aim for the next ring, but for the attributes that you hold in 
>your heart. These may be the attributes of Chivalry, the beauty of Arts 
>& Sciences, or even the pleasure of service.

Ansteorra's system of awards is IMHO set up like a ladder or for another 
example, very much like the Boy Scouts (merit badges). In my opinion 
somewhere along the line, Ansteorrans decided they wanted a very step by 
step process towards achieving the goal of peerage. Why else have it set 
up this way? Maybe it originally wasn't meant to operate in this 
fashion, but if that was the case, IMHO, it has changed to the more 
rigid, structured format we have now.

>From what I know of other kingdoms' awards, not many have the variety of 
awards at the Grant level that we do. I believe that most other kingdoms 
have more awards that are non-armiguous (sp) or at the AoA level. And 
some are for very specific things. Or in other words, they don't have 
*ladders*. If Baroness Clarissa (or someone else) could provide us with 
the awards from the East or Atlantia (or another kingdom), I think it 
might help show how different Ansteorra's award system is from them. Or 
how similar. We could all learn something from this.

Estrill Swet
Stillwater, OK

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