Mon Mar 27 07:02:17 PST 1995

      >  I have read that anyone can recommend anyone else for awards -
      >  does this mean it can cross groupings??  Can a person from one
      >  Barony recommend a person from another???

	 Yes!  A view from a different perspective is always welcome.

	 There are individuals whose enthusiasm will not let them limit
	 their participation to only one group.  Such an individual who
	 wants to help, and does so at every opportunity should be
	 recognized for their efforts.	If someone from Stargate has helped
	 in your kitchen, marshalled in your lists, displayed at your A&S
	 functions, DO tell me (write it down, and mail it, I'm getting
	 senile in my advanced age).
	 Kingdom awards are presented for service to the Kingdom.  If you
	 know someone who deserves an Award of Arms (anywhere) recommend
	 I would prefer that the Awards that I request come from the
	 recommendations of the populace.

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