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Mon Mar 27 11:17:09 PST 1995

>   Yes, you can put yourself in for an award, but it is considered 
>incredibly tacky. I doubt if the crown would award it without many 
>others recommendations.  It is also considered tacky to 
>"campagion(sp)" for an award. That is mentioning that you deserve one 
>and then pressing your friends to put you in for one. 
>   It is okay for you to mention to others that someone else deserves 
>an award, but it is bad form to press the issue.
>Lorraine DeerSlayer

Be careful what you wish for...

 A number of years ago a large fighter informed the throne he should be 
awarded a "Most likely target" award, he had a bad run of multiple hits 
during a war and didn't last 30 seconds on any bout due to the combat 
archers.  At court later he was given a nice (albeit hastly made) medallion 
with a bright archery target on it.  He was now a Lord or the Mark (having 
already gotten his AoA).

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