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I have been appointed the caretaker of heraldry in Amtgard but I have some 
questions that I feel only SCA folks can answer.  My questions are these.  What 
is the rule on metal touching color?  What is a sleeve?  What is defined as a 
borduer?  These are rules that are not clear in my books, (I either have two 
opposing answers or no definition).  I am asking for both an SCA point of view 
and a mundane view.  I feel that the most knowledgable people on such matters 
are the SCA.  This is why I am asking on this board.  Amtgard has not yet 
defined the rules for heraldry, so for now it is  free to individual 
interpretations.  I would like to introduce basic guidelines and still stay in 
the fantasy genre but be able to answer questions that will come up.  Any new 
books on the market on the subject of Heraldry today?

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