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Tue Mar 28 05:56:54 PST 1995

> > I think that the desire to be King should be the goal of every fighter
> > in this Kingdom. (Since that is how King is decided.) I can understand
> > that not all of thm will want the recognition, but this is the ability
> > to be the best fighter in the Kingdom, not to be the best Knight.
> Oooo.  I don't know about that.  I don't think I want a King who does 
> not have the qualities of a knight.  The King should represent the 
> epitome of knighthood, if you ask me

I would love to have a King who showed all the Knightly qualities. The
reality, as I read them in the by-laws, are such that one just needs to
be considered "acceptable" to the current crown. (This is off the top of
my head.) I read this, probably wrong, that as long as the person isn't
unacceptable, they will be allowed to fight in Crown.

Kingship appears to be outside of the current peerage for a reason, and
I think it's a good reason. If only Knights were allowed to be King,
there could be a bad inbreading. (IMHO)

Of course I don't know if there has ever been a King who wasn't a Knight.
Honestly, I know little of who was King when and when they became a

> > I honestly view Kingship outside of the peerage realms. This loan title
> > has nothing to do with the attributes of becoming peers. (Very little to
> > do with Knights as I understand who can become King.)
> Any knights out there who care to comment on this?  Sir Kief?  
> You still lurking?  How do the knights view the kingship?  I would 
> say that having the attributes of a peer is an integral part of being 
> a good King/Queen. 

I would like to hear from Knights as well on this. Heck, I'd just like
to hear from anyone on this particular topic.

If one is to be a peer (Knight), should the other be a peer as well?
Should either one of them be peer? Does it matter?

> I hope this thread hasn't made me sound like a cookie monger myself 
> even though I've argued the part to an extent.

No. It seems to me that you have argued for the rights of cookie mongers.

> Like I said, I freely 
> admit to having aspired to be a knight, and it was very disappointing 
> when I realized I would never make it.  I think I can say I always 
> fought with honor and humility, and I shall have to be content with that.  

I'm sorry you will not reach the state of knighthood. I am glad you
fought with honor and humility and I hope you continue to be honorful
and humble.

> But there will always be a part of mewho wanted to be "Sir" Gunhilda, 
> even if it was just in my dreams.

Dreams are a good thing. I can dream of wanting to be Doctor Pug, or
Master Phelim, or whatever, but I shouldn't hold this dear to my heart
and have it be my driving force. If I am able to do the work as if I had
the title, I shouldn't worry or become bitter about the title associated.


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