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Wed Mar 29 07:00:02 PST 1995

> I think that the desire to be King should be the goal of every fighter
> in this Kingdom. (Since that is how King is decided.) I can understand
> that not all of thm will want the recognition, but this is the ability
> to be the best fighter in the Kingdom, not to be the best Knight.

I'm not to sure who posted the above, but I have a question for them:  WHY??
I am a  mercenary fighter, my goal is to be recognized as a threat on the
field of war.  I avoid tournaments as much as possible.  There are lots of
fighters who fight for the joy of it, they are not after anything but the
respect of their peers.  Why should they want to be King??  You do not heve
to be a King, or a Knight to be respected on the field.

Also Stefan asked:  Have there ever been any non-knight Dukes?  Besides the
examples given by Bran, I can add two more, both of whom were Dukes before
they were Knighted.  Duke Cain Redfeather of Meridies, and Duke Morgan of
the East.

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