Laurel Prize Tourney

Leslie Miller miller at
Wed Mar 29 09:03:48 PST 1995

> Also, there's nothing in the rules that says you can't give someone 
> anything but an award.  I love the Laurel Prize Tourney tradition of
> giving little gewgws out to show that you like something.  I gathered
> a basketfull of glass beads that way,beads I have no use for, but 
> they are precious to me, much more so than prize scrolls would have been.

You know, I've heard nothing but good things about the Laurel Prize 
Tourney, and I remember the first one being a great deal of fun even 
though I didn't participate in the displays or the fighting.  There's a 
need for it, and it _is_ different from the A&S competition routine 
which so many people dislike.  I wish they would have more like it.

> The only A&S contest I ever won was anti-climatic in hat court was running
> late and the prize was the last thing on the agenda and the sun had gone 
> down and there were no torches and everyone was bored and as a result no one
> heard my name annouced or paid any attention to my getting my prize.

Not entirely true.  I remember.  Interkingdom, wasn't it?  And you 
won your own prize, those marvelous embroidered circles.  
I was thrilled. :-)  

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