A&S Competitions

James Crouchet crouchet at infinity.ccsi.com
Thu Mar 30 15:19:19 PST 1995

On Thu, 30 Mar 1995, Jennifer Kubenka wrote:

> On 30 Mar 1995, Mark Harris wrote:
> >         Reply to:   RE>>A&S Competitions
> > 
> > >I would hope that the artisan would be honorable enough to be truthful 
> > >about the project at hand.  In my case, I would definitely be a beginner 
> > >at blackwork, but advanced at Assisi or other forms of counted 
> > >cross-stitch work.  And so I would enter the project accordingly.
> > 
> > But are you going to consider the artisan dishonorable who really believes
> > he or she is still a beginner while others consider them intermediates?
> > This ranking of the artisans is the main problem I see with this idea.
> > 
> > Stefan li Rous
> I dunno, Stefan.  Artistry is such a subjective thing, all wrapped around 
> emotions and egos and such, that I really do not know.
> However, that's why I put forth the question.  How could such a system be 
> created, and who would maintain it? Would it foster an even more 
> pronounced reluctance to enter A&S competitions then?
> Savian's (I *think* it was Savian, please excuse me if it was indeed not) 
> put forth a nice message about honor on the field and how it must needs 
> be learned.  Would it not be the same for artisans?  
> Emher ni Maille, with more questions filling her brain about this...

Yes, it was me (Savian). But remember, an honest mistake is NOT 
dishonorable. We recognize that in fighing and we teach blowcalling as a 
skill. It seems that this system would need to teach self evaluation as a 
skill before expecting artisans to enter A&S compititions.


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