Patricia Horton horton at
Thu Mar 30 15:58:00 PST 1995

>         Banishment from the Royal Presence requires the banished person to
>         make every effort to stay away from the issuing royalty. . . .

>         In other words, "Stay outa my face."

>         The Lady banished was indeed His Majesty's ex-wife.  A little
>         imagination will provide all of the understanding necessary to
>         deal with this, and SHOULD be a good point to blow it off, and not
>         embarrass any of the involved parties further.
I could not have said it any better, and this situation is frustrating,  and
embarassing for all parties involved. Thank you Bran.

All our contracts with sites now require us to be agents of the owner in case
we need to have individuals removed and we can not get the owner to make this
happen. This policy went out to all Seneschals in January or February of
this year, and will be added to the new version of the Seneschals handbook.

>         Any additional rumors and misunderstood announcements should/could
>         be cleared up by asking your local seneschal.  Maire keeps them
>         well informed, with facts, not innuendo.  If you want soap opera,
>         try the OJ trial.
I wish I could be as open about this one. See my last post about the Boards
position on banishments. All my regionals know exactly what is going on, and
what to do, and are supposed to be approaching the Seneschals and Autocrats
of groups that will be hosting their Majesties.


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