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  The main difference between us is that we are allowing new heraldic 
> terms to be creatively invented.  We are trying to keep copyright infringments out 

I'm not sure I follow you.  Can you give me a couple of examples?


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The main one of course is my dear husband, sigh, he got Douglas Adams to let him use 
the planetoid looking thing.  My husband is known as Count Fnord Farthing VIII, (Bruce 
Erikson in SCA), so he put eyes on the planetoid and now it is known as a Fnord 
Rampant throughout the Amtgard world.  A green happy face with it's tounge sticking 
out at you and it's thumbs in its ears.  Douglas Adams is one of the few arthors that 
is laid back enough to not worry about copyrights.  I am not happy about the sci-fi 
part of it, (sci-fi is not encouraged as part of our game), but we cannot say "no you 
cannot do that" in this world.

An easier one is a Eagle.  Instead of a heraldic eagle we have one young man using 
just the gold outline of the Eagle on a black background. It is similar to the outline 
of the U.S. Postal Service one, except that it is not filled in with the gold but 
rather left the same color as the background.  

And as mentioned before by another post-er we also accept SCA heraldry that has been 
passed without a problem.

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