R.Michael Litchfield litch at eden.com
Wed Mar 29 15:39:33 PST 1995

>Heraldry is an art form.  It has a certian look to it that one learns by
>looking at a lot of heraldry. The rules don't really matter, they are
>just an attempt to describe the look. Landscape and 3-D art are not
>heraldry for the same reason that a photograph is not cubism and that
>cubism is not realism. Because they are something else.

Hmm you begin to make a certain amount of sense, but the problem is that the
heralds are holding heraldry hostage. They are declaring that heraldry can
only be used in the way they want, that they get to deterine the limits of
it's form and content. The problem with that is that MOST people in the society
use heraldry, and they use it for a different reason than the heralds seem
inclined to let it be used.


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