Dottie Elliott macdj at onr.com
Thu Mar 30 15:51:27 PST 1995

>Exactly what I have been advocating for years, ignore the heralds.
>Use what you want, find one you can stand (i.e. not so insulting you
>feel complelled to strangle them immediately) to give you advice and
>suggestions but don't bother going through the expense and trouble of
>registering it.
>If someone says anything to you either ignore them or tell them to
>sod off.

Michael, you can certainly ignore the heralds if you want.  I don't know
any rules that say you can only display a device if its been registered.

I personally don't think there are any reason why someone shouldn't
register their device however.  It is not expensive and while it may take
awhile is usually not much trouble if all parties are reasonable and
willing to compromise. I had problems getting my first device passed but a
friendly herald worked with me to come up with a device that had all the
elements I wanted if not exactly how I had envisioned it.  As a previous
group and at-large herald in the East, I always tried hard to get what
someone wanted passed. I would help them as I was helped to understand the
few constraints and worked hard to give them what they wanted in a period
style. Of course, they were all reasonable and willing to compromise and
all of their final devices got passed.  In fact, I believe that the number
of devices getting passed is relatively high these days.

Baroness Clarissa

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