R.Michael Litchfield litch at
Thu Mar 30 14:22:47 PST 1995

>There has been no one banished for the reasons you stated [L]itch. The person
>Mikael and Mikaela banished with a level 1 at their Coronation was a
>completely different situation. For legal reasons only the mundane name
>is ever published and the reason is never published, and I can not tell you
>the precise reason. But, I can tell you it was not for satanic or child
>abandonment reasons. Unless there is a new banishment I don't know about...

sounds like the one I meant

WHY can't you tell the "exact reason" this makes no sense, if someone has done
something heinous enough that the crown feels they should not be allowed to
with everyone  doesn't it seem like it might be worth mentioning what
activity is so frowned upon?

In the last blackstar i looked at there was a great load of scribbling about
"protecting children" and "pagan" cooperation and similar prattle.
I may be simply gossip mongering but I would like to know what event
occured that would spawn such concern.



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