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Thu Mar 30 10:10:39 PST 1995

        Reply to:   RE>>Heraldry

Pug remarks:

>The difference here, as I see it, is that heraldry truly needs to go
>through the College of Heralds in order to be useable. 

Why? The College of Heralds provides a service. (A useful service in
my mind) But there is no requirement that it be used. You can display
whatever arms you wish.  If you wish to display arms with a charge
of a purple volkswagon, I guess you could. People may look at you
stangely, but that's your problem. Yes you would, in my mind, be
interferring in the game that most of us are playing, but then so is
the person walking across the site in tennis shoes and jeans.

Even if you ignore the College and create a conflict with someone
elses arms, I doubt there's much that can be done about it.

>Costumes and
>scrolls can be by anyone who chooses to do it. If the College of
>Heralds decide to not like something, even if it's period style, it can
>be rejected. Where a costume especially, a scroll to some extent, can
>be used no matter what the larger group says.

>Yes, I can make any arms I want and use them, but that doesn't mean I'm
>not going to be misrecognized as the King of Sweden.

Or Sir Cariadoc of the Bow.

>This I find ridiculous. Why bother doing the work if you aren't going to
>use it for what it's intended. *sigh*

Perhaps because it's difficult to draw on there. :-) (A word of warning
from experience - A geometric pattern is alot easier to draw than
animal charges)

Stefan li Rous
Barony of Bryn Gwlad

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